Brick River Cider Co.


Reconnecting to our roots


Going back to the start...

Brick River Cider, St. Louis’s first dedicated cidery, is committed to crafting a great reason for friends and family to come together over authentic food and crisp cider made only from fresh-pressed, local fruit.

Named in honor of the literal river of bricks connecting St Louis to the surrounding heartland, and ourselves to the earth, Brick River Cider honors our connection to our roots, while celebrating our urban community.

Russ John, Brick River Cider’s founder, is part of a fourth-generation farm family and owns and manages Stove Creek Orchards on the same homestead farm established by his great-grandfather in 1869. The John family has been sharing the homemade fruits of their labor with friends and family since the beginning; and that generosity, combined with the desire to support local farmers, grew into Brick River Cider.

So, we hope you’ll join us in raising a glass to good food, good cider, and even better company.